Code of Ethics

  1. I will respect the rights, dignity, and person of each patient.
  2. I will render to each patient the highest quality of care and I will make appropriate and timely referrals to medical providers and/or health care professionals.
  3. I will accept and treat all those seeking my services without prejudice or discrimination.
  4. I will not discriminate against any other health care professional simply because we belong to different medical or health care professions or possess different health care skills.
  5. I will keep accurate health and medical records and I will respect the confidentiality of those records and any other personal information that I receive from a patient.
  6. I will educate my patients and I will explain treatments and clinical responses and avoid making exaggerated promises regarding the care that I provide.
  7. I will work to uplift the standards and conduct of the profession.
  8. I will maintain the highest standards regarding the advertising of my professional practice and in its presentation to the public.
  9. I will use appropriate legal and professional avenues to report ethical practice violations.
  10. I will maintain the highest standard of ethical and professional practice for the direct benefit of my patients and the profession.
  11. I will obey any and all health care rules, statutes, and regulations that pertain to the practice of my profession.
  12. I will observe and practice the highest level of professional ethical conduct.

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