Physiotherapy (physical therapy) in Estonia is not yet regulated although to receive a physiotherapy designation one must attend a 3 year university program leading to a bachelors degree.

Although manual osseous manipulation is not really taught in the physiotherapy program, many physiotherapists in Estonia attend extracurricular courses in spinal and extremity manipulation as well as various manual therapy and soft tissue treatment techniques. It is these physiotherapists who are considered for membership in the Estonian Manual Medicine and Chiropractic Association.

EMMKS intends to play a major role in working with other regulating and standardizing bodies to ensure that physiotherapy is duly regulated in Estonia and that manual therapy is integrally included as part of their scope of practice. EMMKS also intends to provide support to physiotherapists looking to gain further knowledge in the manual therapy field by way of digital updates and news on effective techniques. Certifying technique seminars as well as yearly or bi-yearly conferences and trade shows are planned.

Various accreditation standards, designation programs and examinations are also being organized ultimately enabling physiotherapist to attain M.M.D. status.

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