Trigenics® Myoneural medicine

TRIGENICS® is a neurogenic assessment and treatment system which rapidly relieves pain and restores strength and movement. Trigenics® is most often used by chiropractic or osteopathic physicians and physiotherapists as a unique and dramatically effective treatment system which combines recent advances in applied functional neurology with new manual medicine procedures. With Trigenics® your nervous system is treated to essentially reset the way your brain communicates with your body. Patients are interactive participants in the treatment process rather than passive recipients. During the procedures, patients are required to generate and accentuate neurological monitoring reflexes which relate to and essentially control movement. The Trigenics practitioner simultaneously accentuates these reflex signals by resisting specific movements while the patient exercises. Embedded nerve-sensors are also then manipulated and stimulated to change the way they send signals up to the brain. The brain then, in turn, changes the way in which it sends down its motor or movement signals to the body. This creates the effect of immediately improving joint and muscle function to significantly decrease pain and increase strength and movement. (This is analogous to how one “re-boots” their computer to restore function following an otherwise non-correctable malfunction when the screen or mouse “freeze”.) Trigenics is often performed manually without medications or machines however specific static or vibratory treatment application devices may also be used. Doctors and therapists in the manual medicine fields, who use Trigenics, often refer to it as the “missing element” of care.